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Established during the pandemic in 2020, BIG Safety Ltd has grown into the nationwide safety and workwear distributor with BIG ambitions for the future.

We stock a highly specialised selection of durable, comfortable and valued workwear and safety boot brands from around the world. Originally from Australia ourselves, we source products designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions – perfect for the UK market.

Not afraid to get our hands dirty, BIG Safety Ltd was born out of an understanding that a day of hard work is better with decent gear, dry feet and comfortable clothing; a sentiment we’re sure your customers share. Check out our story below on where we've come from and where we're going. 

"From little things, BIG things grow."

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Tell him he's dreaming.

Behind every business (big or small) is a person who dreamed about doing something differently… and BIG Safety's Founder Ryan Sneddon did just that.

Originally from Australia, our family moved to the UK in 2019, determined to bring some Aussie culture along with us (we’d bring the sunshine if we could)! Now based in the midlands, Ryan understood that the boots and workwear that he’d been wearing for years could be a great fit here in the UK. So when the pandemic hit in 2020, and Ryan was unexpectedly furloughed from his job, he decided to invest his own money into getting started. And at 6ft 4”, Ryan doesn’t do anything small.

With only a few pairs of Steel Blue safety boots as inventory, Ryan set up the BIG Boots website (our online B2C retail presence) and listed his items for sale on Ebay. A week later and we were celebrating our first ever sale! Here’s a secret… we still celebrate every sale!


Too BIG for his boots.

What started out as a neatly stacked pile in the corner of our living room, ended up as mountains of boots taking over our guest room and our loft! With online sales picking up quicker than we could get the stock in, and for the sake of our day-to-day family life, we had to get the boots out of the house! However, moving into off-site storage provided more than just space to breathe at home...

Secure, off-site storage meant we had the space we needed to introduce new brands and lines of workwear to our catalogue, offering our customers greater choice and better deals. Being able to stock greater volumes also meant we could begin to approach local businesses to stock our products.


Determined to focus on protecting brand value and profit margins, this new B2B activity resulted in a new era for our family business - the establishment of BIG Safety Ltd.

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Getting the word out.

Word-of-mouth goes a long way in this business, which is why we learned early on that people want to hear from real users.


Through Google reviews, YouTube partnerships, Instagram posts and TikTok videos, we were able to reach thousands of people in the market looking to try something new.


Tired of replacing cheap boots and workwear every few months, we worked hard to connect with trades, drivers, farmers, and DIYers to get our brands in front of them and the conversation started.


The best bit? Steel Blue's 30-day comfort guarantee and six-month warranty help stockists build trust with customers, leading to repeat business. 


Thinking BIG...ger.

In less than five years, BIG Safety Ltd has grown from a small family retailer to the nationwide safety and workwear distributor with BIG ambitions for the future, determined to protect brand value and profit margins. 

We now stock a highly-specialised selection of products designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions – perfect for the UK market.

To stock our range of durable, comfortable and valued workwear & safety boot brands from around the world, get in touch with us to get started.

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